The Nutraceutical Choice in Private Labeling

At our company, we recognize the significance of your brand, which is why we prioritize creating top-notch, personalized products that cater to your unique requirements.

From manufacturing a single supplement to developing a full line of products, we possess the experience and capability to provide the highest quality goods with the seamless process.

Our Ready-to-Market (RTM) Strategy

At CSN Pharma, we leverage our decades of experience in the nutraceutical industry to provide you with comprehensive solutions for private label products. From sourcing premium ingredients to manufacturing, packaging, and distribution, we have gained valuable insights into every aspect of product development.

Our team of experts is dedicated to creating innovative, effective, and competitive products that meet your specific needs. You can trust us to guide you through the entire process, ensuring that your private label products are of the highest quality and meet your brand’s standards.


It is our mission to manufacture and distribute high-quality & competitively priced health supplements that cater to all individuals around the world. Our vast network of partners & suppliers allows us to source quality materials while our boutique manufacturing style allows us to be responsive to our customers’ every need.


Our state-of-the-art GMP compliant and Health Canada approved manufacturing facility enables us to produce high-quality products customized to your needs. We seek to provide our customers with a fast turnaround time whilst maintaining first-rate products and unparalleled customer service. We make your formulation our command.


Our Licenses

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Why Private Labels?


Fast turnaround times are often a critical factor in meeting customer demands and remaining competitive. Companies that are able to offer fast turnaround times can provide quicker delivery of products or services, reduce lead times, and increase customer satisfaction.

MOQ stands for Minimum Order Quantity, and it refers to the minimum quantity of units that you have to commit for each order. Lower MOQs are beneficial for customers who want to test a new product or market.

Private labeling can help you get your products to market faster than developing your own formulations, as you can start selling products as soon as they are manufactured and packaged. This can be particularly advantageous for businesses looking to capitalize on trends or seasonal demands.

When you are just starting it is best to avoid challenges associated with complying with regulations and standards imposed by governments bodies. Skipping regulatory headaches may provide a competitive advantage by reducing costs, increasing flexibility, or enabling faster time-to-market.


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Welcome to CSN Pharma, where we are dedicated to providing reliable and professional services in the development and manufacturing of nutraceutical products. As a leading contract manufacturer and private label provider, we are located in the beautiful British Columbia and strive to deliver exceptional natural health products that cater to the needs of our clients and their customers.

Our commitment to building long-term partnerships is built upon the foundations of trust, transparency, and shared success. Our aim is to help turn your vision into reality by providing innovative and high-quality natural health products that are tailored to your specific needs.

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Contact us

1641 Welch Street, North Vancouver, BC, V7P 3G9, Canada

+1 6045445958



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